Some might say I’m borderline OCD.

I drink out of the same red coffee cup every day. I like to organize my closet based on type of shirts and color. And I can’t focus if there’s a crumpled piece of paper on my desk.

Not sure if I’m OCD but I know one thing: I can obsess over things.

And not just about coffee cups and closets. I obsess over weird things… like trying to figure out “the best” system for journaling.

Or what should I post on my personal blog? And how long should the posts be? And who is my target audience? Should I put a photo on each post? And on and on it goes.

You might laugh but it takes up a lot of mental space.

I was thinking about this today and it hit me that I was obsessing over the wrong things. Instead of obsessing about my blog I would be better off obsessing over more important things.

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