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A Day in the Life of A Freelance Copywriter

I see all these “a day in the life…” type of posts all the time.

So I thought I’d finally join the club and tell you exactly what my day was like today, Friday, June 30, 2017.


6:00: Woke up. Showered, shaved, etc.

6:19: Got a text from one of my East Coast clients (9:19 his time) that said:
Client: The new landing page is not lining up well on mobile.
Me: Did you clear your cache? It looks great on my end.
Client: I did not. Lol. Looks good. U r up early.
Me: Yes. I have stuff to do!

6:30: Walked 45 seconds to my office on the corner of our property to pray.

7:15: Grabbed my laptop and chessboard and drove to meet a friend for a game of chess.

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The Day I Was Spiderman

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Teach What You’ve Done

Did you know there’s about 47,500 life coaches in North America?

And according to the International Coaching Federation, 14% of their new members were between 25 and 35 years old.

That’s a lot of young coaches.

I thought that was crazy too and then remembered the time I decided to be an addictions counselor when I was 21 years old. And less than a year sober.

I still remember the professor talking about the affects of cocaine on the body when I started to squirm in my chair, fighting the weird urges my body was getting at the mention of using coke.

I thought I was playing it cool when the girl next to me looked at me all concerned and asked, “Are you ok?”

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Saying No To Good Ideas

Yesterday one of my clients emailed me an idea about a new product he wants to launch.

He said if I’d write the copy for the sales page I could get a commission on sales. I looked at the product and it was good. My client also has authority in this area.

I bet if I did it I could make some money.

But I said no.


Because I’m already spread too thin. I have enough of my own good ideas that I have not yet fully implemented. And if I say yes to this it means I’m saying no to something else.

There’s an opportunity cost to everything.

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7 Money-Making Scheduling Tips for Freelancers

I quit my job as an insurance agent in 2011 to freelance full-time.

During my first year of self-employment I made very little money but somehow still managed to stay “really busy.”

That’s because I was busy in all the wrong areas. I spent hundreds of hours building and tweaking my website, writing blog posts and yes going to meetings!

You would think after leaving Corporate America I would have learned that most meetings are a complete waste of time.

But sometimes I’m a slow learner.

Because 6 years ago my calendar was full of meetings. I was so desperate to make a living freelancing that I would talk to anyone who gave me a chance.

I did it in the name of “prospecting and networking” of course. But the truth is 95% of those meetings I should never have taken. These were not people in a position to hire me. They were just nice and willing to talk.

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