There’s a lot of things that can stand in the way of our dreams and goals.

And “waiting for the right time” is one of them.

But here’s the thing… it almost never feels like the right time to start something.

So many people want to start a business but they’re waiting for the right time to do it.

People want to get married but they feel the timing isn’t right. I’ll wait until I get a little more established in my career and pay off my debt before I’ll get married.

Then 10 more years go by.

You may want to start a new habit like working out, eating healthy or writing daily, but the timing just doesn’t seem right.

But remember: it usually never feels like the right time. You just have to start. Make a decision. Don’t give in to fear and call it “the wrong time.” Have the courage to pursue your dreams. Now is the time to do it!