If you’re a freelancer who gets paid to provide a service like copywriting or design then you likely have just two main activities to focus on: prospecting and client work.

Most everything else is secondary.

Yes, it’s good to blog. And to meet new people. And to update your website.

But none of those things are as important as making sales and delighting your clients (mastering your craft).

If you haven’t mastered those two areas then why waste time on all the other stuff?

You only have so much time in the day. So here’s a simple exercise for tomorrow:

Look at your day and decide how much time you need to spend on client work. Then see if you have any meetings scheduled. Now how much time do you have left over?

If it’s a few hours why not spend it prospecting?

If you don’t need more work then of course you can skip this and just focus on getting your work done.

But if you need to generate more cash flow then stop doing the million other things you’re doing and focus on the ONE thing that will bring in sales!