Today I was working out of my motorhome until lunch time when I decided to experiment with something.

Usually after I eat lunch I walk back out to the motorhome, which is parked outside, and I hit wall. It’s usually around 2pm when it happens.

It’s like all creative juices have been depleted and I feel like I’m running on fumes. It takes me twice as long to do tasks and I end up wasting a lot of time procrastinating.

So today I decided to drive to a nearby restaurant, called The Lakehouse, and work the rest of the day from there.

Well, first of all I realized it was a good decision when I pulled up and saw my wife and kids sitting outside eating lunch with her parents (I had no idea they would be there!). So that was cool. I got to have lunch with them and spend some extra family time.

Then when they left I setup my laptop outside under the shade of an umbrella and worked for about 3.5 solid hours. And I noticed I didn’t feel as sluggish. So I think I’d like to start doing this more and see if the extra boost of energy was from the change in scenery or was it from the excitement I got from seeing my family?

Anyway, we’ll see. But I just wanted to share it on here for all you who work from home as a reminder that you don’t always have to work from the same location every day. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes. Try it tomorrow. Pick your favorite coffee shop or restaurant and setup shop there!