It’s no fun to admit you’re wrong. I had to do it today to my wife.

I was in a bad mood because I had a million things to do and felt like I didn’t get anything done.

I know it’s probably not healthy but my happiness level is totally contingent on how much I accomplish in a day. I sometimes tell my wife my “Love Language” is getting things done!

One day maybe I’ll grow out of it and learn to calm down but right now that’s just how I am.

And today felt very unproductive so I was not happy.

Then after work I ended up going into town with my wife and I started taking my frustration out on her (not intentionally but I realized I was doing it after it was too late).

I started making comments about how I really need spend more time working because I have such a heavy workload right now (I did this while hinting at the idea that it was somehow her fault).

“Well that’s not my fault you weren’t able to work more today,” she said.

Her painfully obvious statement irritated me more and instead of acknowledging the fact that she was right I did what any dumb husband would do and picked up my shovel and dug a deeper hole.

I said some more stupid things until finally we stopped talking.

After going through the drive-thru and contemplating what just transpired I finally said, “Ok, I realize there’s nothing you did wrong. I was just stressed out and I was taking it out on you. I’m sorry.”

From that point on we had a good night and we were able to enjoy each other’s presence. If I would have refused to admit I was wrong we would have fought all night.

I don’t always admit I’m wrong so quickly. Sometimes it takes several hours or all day (I can be a little stubborn). But today I did OK. I may have even set a new personal record… I think it only took my like 30 minutes.

So anyway, it was my “lesson of the day” so thought I’d share. Be quick to admit you’re wrong, especially to your spouse. Because even if you’re “right” you can still be wrong if you know what I mean!

So just get it over with. Like peeling off a band-aid. Just do it nice and quick!

Say it with me now, “Babe, I’m sorry.”

There you go. One of the keys to a happy marriage.