OK. I’m officially done writing a daily blog without having a clear plan!

180 days ago I committed to publishing a post every day for 10 years. And I fully intend to do that.

But lately I’ve been feeling frustrated with my current process, which basically consists of me writing a random post about something I think is interesting or useful.

Some days it’s about work, other days it’s about addiction and then there’s the random “spiritual” post in there for good measure… it’s all over the place!

And I hate it. I hate doing things that don’t serve a clear purpose.

Plus, I have 4 other blogs that desperately need some content! Blogs where I sell products or services.

And yet, here I am writing every single day on the ONE blog that does not serve any business purpose.

My “personal blog.” It feels stupid. So time to stop being stupid and to approach this “publish daily” habit a little smarter.

This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning jmonen.com. It just means I’m giving myself permission to post on any of the 5 blogs I own instead of only posting on here every day. Those others blogs are:

So I sat down at Starbucks today and created a new master editorial calendar to manage all these blogs. By the way, if you think I’m crazy for having so many blogs I want to explain something… I am crazy. So I guess no further explanation is needed! Ha!

I’ll still update this blog but not daily.

I want jmonen.com to be more of true personal blog where I can just update you with what’s going on in my life and different businesses. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll choose a specific focus for this blog (originally it was going to be about the lessons I learn as I build these businesses… and maybe I’ll stick to that).

But for now, just know I’m still publishing daily but just in different places. 🙂