One of my biggest fears is that I will waste my life.

I think about it way too much, to the point where it borders on obsession. 

And for the longest time I’ve allowed that fear to have free reign in my mind and heart because on the surface it appeared to be positive.

So instead of resisting it, I embraced it with open arms.

I now realize it’s a trojan horse designed to gain entry into the most guarded part of my heart. I’ve opened the doors and received this beautiful “gift” given to me by the “Divine.”

Ah, what lies! What trickery!

As night fell the demons of fear lowered themselves out of it’s belly and started to terrorize my peaceful castle. They came, not to help, but to steal, kill and destroy!

Now as day breaks I see these enemies running amok down in the courtyard, terrorizing all the innocent citizens.

Tradesmen simply going about their workday are attacked with fiery darts of doubt surrounding their occupation. “Life is too short to be a bricklayer!” And down another man goes.

Sent into the despair of reaching for a more meaningful life. Always grasping for a greater calling, a greater purpose, and for a more perfect life. All the while time being snatched away from them!

What a waste! This was supposed to offer protection against wasting life but it did exactly the opposite.

At the end of the day fear is fear. It’s not something to partner with.

So I decided to rid my castle of this evil horse and all it’s occupants. From now on the “fear of not wasting my life” will no longer be tolerated or welcomed!

Instead I choose to partner with the Spirit of Life and live a full life today. Not in 10 years when I finally achieve my goals. Not in 20 years when I’m more wise and experienced.

But today I will make the most out of every opportunity given to me. 

I will focus on the positive and the good. I will be thankful. And no longer will  I entertain thoughts of fear disguised to “help” me out.

What about you? Have you been offered this trojan horse too? If so, burn it to the ground!