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Teaching My 5-Year-Old About Work

Emma Grace (My Oldest)!

Yesterday my 5-year-old daughter Emma came into my office and asked, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“I’m working.”

“Why do you have to work all the time?”

At that moment I looked at her and felt like it was important how I answered.

I had a couple thoughts and feelings swirling around… On one hand I thought, Man, maybe I do work too much. Do I tell her, “I’m working hard now so I can spend more time with you later”?

But then I reminded myself that no, I’m not a workaholic. In fact, it’s rare if I work over 40 hours in a week. And I work from home so I see my family in the morning, on my coffee breaks, at lunch and 45 seconds after I stop working.

Of course there are some days I have to put in some longer hours, but it’s the exception rather than the rule. So I realized that this feeling of guilt was not grounded in reality, so I dismissed it.

The other thought I had was to take this opportunity to help my daughter understand that work is actually a good thing. Not a “necessary evil” that must be avoided at all costs.

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My New Morning Ritual

Morning ritual reading

What I read this morning.

I love having a morning ritual.

When I take time to do things that fill me up first thing in the morning my day is noticeably better.

And even though I like rituals and routines I don’t necessarily like doing the same thing every day.

What’s important to me is that I actually have a couple free hours in the morning to do whatever I want.

And since we just moved into our new home last week I’m figuring out a new routine.

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Having Hard Talks with Clients

Today I had to have a hard talk with one of my clients.

He’s an owner of an insurance agency and one of the clients who I have on a monthly retainer. We manage his website, PPC campaigns and do CRO work.

I recently met with his marketing coordinator like I do every two weeks to check in, update them on changes and to get feedback on the quality of leads we’re generating.

For the last three months the feedback has all been positive. 

But on the last call she said they’ve only had ONE lead that’s been in their ideal account size. She didn’t make a big deal about it, sort of said it in passing. So I could have let it go. But I didn’t.

I didn’t because I was shocked! For three months I’ve been hearing, “Yes, the leads are good.”

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Goals Are Discovered, Not Made

Years ago I got into the habit of setting goals at the end of December for the upcoming year.

And like most people, I failed to achieve them. There were some goals I hit. Like getting out of debt and quitting my job to freelance full-time.

But I’d say about 80–90% of my goals were just good ideas I thought I should write down. They came from my head, not my heart. So it should be no surprise that I made little to no progress on those goals.

And after reflecting on this I realized that there is a difference between goals that are discovered and goals that are made.

The goals we make feel artificial. The goals we discover feel alive and exciting!

Those are the goals worth focusing on.

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Let Go of Things Outside Your Control

We just moved into our new home a few days ago. And yesterday we finally got internet hooked up.

I was excited because I was in my new home office working away when I got a call from a random number.

“Hello, this is Josh,” I said.

“Hi, this is Alex from Century Link. Just calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow to get internet setup,” the caller said.

“Oh, I already got it hooked up. You guys came out yesterday,” I said.

“Oh, Ok. There must have been a mixup. Can I just confirm your address?”

The address he gave me was one digit off so I told him and he updated it in the system. But as soon as he did, I lost internet. Continue reading

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