I get excited about weird things.

I don’t realize they’re weird until I start talking about them to others (usually my wife).

Today, for example, I read about how Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine, has a “Death Countdown Clock” on his computer. “I tell you, nothing concentrates your time like knowing how many days you have left,” says Kelly.

As soon as I read that I got really excited and was like, I need one of those! 

So I immediately started researching ‘death countdown clock apps.’ And to be honest there’s not a great selection out there. 

Side note: if you’re a developer I wish you would make a high quality Mac desktop app. I’d also love to have a good one for my phone.

Anyway, I finally found one I settled on. I paid 99 cents and downloaded it. I estimate I’ll live until I’m 100, even though the life-expectancy-calculator I used today told me I’ll only live to be 92.

So that means I have 24,517 days left.

Which is 805 months or 3,502 weeks.

I told my wife and her sister about this tonight and they both thought it was morbid and depressing. 

I tried, unsuccessfully, to explain that it’s not about being excited about death but about remembering you’re going to die so you remember to live.

But they were not buying it. And that’s OK. To each his own.

But I still like my new Death Countdown Clock. I may rename it my Life Countdown Clock because I don’t like the name death.

So now every day I’ll open my computer and be reminded that my time here on earth is limited. 

Hopefully it’ll inspire me to live each day more fully and stop wasting time on pointless pursuits.

If you want to get your own Death/Life Countdown Clock you can do so here.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
– Psalm 90:12