It’s 9:27 p.m. right now. I snuck out to my office in the motorhome about an hour ago to “send a couple emails out.”

It was only supposed to take 15 minutes but of course here I am an hour later.

As soon as I check one task off my to-do list it triggers two more things to do! So now I’m here wondering if I should call it a night or work for another hour.

So I decided to write my daily blog and give YOU advice about accepting the fact that there will always be more things on your to-do list than there is time in the day. And that you should just call it a night when faced with a decision like this.

(Ok, confession: I’m really writing to ME. Hoping that by teaching this concept I’ll want to avoid being a total hypocrite and at least try to practice what I preach!)

But, eh, back to me giving you advice…

Yes, there are only so many hours in the day. And just because your appetite for accomplishment is bigger than the hours allotted to you doesn’t mean you should burn the midnight oil.

That may be cool if you’re a 21-year-old whiz kid hacker in Silicon Valley with no wife or kids. But if you’re like me who has a family, it’s not cool.

Plus, we all need rest. Think of how much more you can get done if you go to sleep at a decent hour and wake up early feeling energized and refreshed!

That’s it. I’ve convinced myself to shutdown and go to bed. Good night. 🙂