It’s been a brutal winter here in the Pacific NW. We’ve had record rainfall and crazy several storms this year.

So when the sun came out yesterday (Friday) I made an executive decision: leave work early and finish my projects the next day.

It felt good to be able to do that. I sent a few important emails to clients and partners in the morning and then hopped in the car with my wife and kids and headed to town.

When I was an employee this would not happen. I could of course schedule vacation days in advance but I couldn’t just tell my boss:

“Hey, I know I’m scheduled to work today but it’s really nice out and I don’t feel like working today. I’d rather hang out with my wife and kids and come in tomorrow, when it’s supposed to rain. Is that OK?”

I think we know what the answer would be.

So I’m thankful to be free to choose when I work. But this is not the same as being free to choose if I work.

I’m still in what Robert Kiyosaki would call the Self-Employed Quadrant.

Which means I’m still trading time for money. The only difference is now I work for myself so I can decide what my schedule will be.

This is not the same as making money in the Business Owner Quadrant. If I was operating in that quadrant I would still have made money when I took the day off yesterday.

And I would not have had to work Saturday to make up for skipping half day on Friday.

It’s tempting to think you have time freedom if you’re a freelancer but don’t deceive yourself. Unless you own assets that are generating positive cash flow that don’t require you to do the work, then you’re still self-employed. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I love being self-employed more than being an employee. But once you get a taste of freedom you want more!

This is why my long-term goal is to have true time freedom. To build a business that will operate fine without me. I don’t want it to be dependent on my skills or abilities. I want to move to the Business Owner Quadrant.

What about you? Are you self-employed? Are you a freelancer? Are you painfully aware that if you don’t work you don’t eat?

Would you like to change that? Then do it! Join my course for $30,000 and I’ll show you how… just kidding!

I’m not a guru. And I don’t have a course about this.

But I am in the trenches right now figuring it out and my gut tells me there is value in sharing my journey with others as I go. I feel like I’ll forget what it was really like if I try to write about this after I’ve built my businesses. Hence this blog!