There are two types of people in the world: those who get their hopes up and those who don’t.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” says the timid soul. “You don’t want to get too excited because something bad will probably happen.”

People like this will try to “protect” you from what they believe is one of life’s greatest enemy’s: disappointment.

They want to help keep you safe because they know firsthand how painful it is to have your dreams crushed into a thousand pieces. They navigate life by steering clear of any major ups and downs.

It’s a great way to avoid pain… and everything else.

On the other hand there are those who dare to dream big. Who dare to get their hopes up and who seek to live life to the fullest. These are the risk takers. The bold and adventurous souls who would rather take a chance and risk it all then play it safe and die of boredom.

Which way of thinking is “right?”

I don’t know if there is a right or wrong answer for everyone.

But there is a right answer for YOU. If you feel like something is wrong when you hear the advice, “Don’t get your hopes up,” then you are probably a dreamer. A risk taker. Maybe an entrepreneur. And if you settle for “playing it safe” then part of you will die. Don’t do it.

Get your hopes up!