Are you struggling to figure out the main “focus” of your blog?

Do you wish you could just settle on a theme instead of writing about a hundred different things?

Well if you want to know the secret to figuring out your blog’s focus then you’re NOT in the right place.

Yes, I’m sorry to let you down. I am not the expert at this. Honestly I’m trying to figure this out myself too.

And the way I figure things out is by writing about them. So if you want to come on this journey with me then keep reading. 🙂

Lately I have not been happy with the posts I’ve been publishing here on I committed to publishing a daily blog for 10 years straight. And I have no intention on changing my mind about that.

But I’m still struggling to figure out what my main focus is. It’s hard because I feel like the conventional wisdom of “pick a niche” and focus on that is useless to me because the purpose of this blog is not to make money or to rank on Page One.

I have no problem blogging for money. For example, my direct response copywriting blog exists so I can get more copywriting work. And it does a fine job at that (just today someone just found me online and booked a discovery call with me for Tuesday to discuss a new project).

But this blog is different. I’m not trying to accomplish a specific business goal or build an email list.

I just want to change the world. That’s all.

And it doesn’t have to be in a grandiose way or anything. I just want to pursue my calling and use the gifts I have to make a positive impact on the world.

I believe writing will be a big part of this so that’s one of the reasons I’ve committed to publishing daily for a decade. But I don’t just want to write for the sake of writing. I want to have a clear focus. An assignment. A calling to answer. Otherwise it all feels so pointless.

I was thinking about all this while driving home from Costco tonight when it occurred to me there are really only three basic questions I need to answer. I think these questions will help you too if you’re wrestling with similar thoughts:

1) Why do you write?
2) Who do you write for?
3) What do you write about?

The first step is to figure out your “why.” Why do you wake up in the morning and open up your laptop to write?

Why do you take the time to improve your craft and spend all that time writing when you could be doing other things?

What motivates you? What compels you to do this? Be honest.

After you discover your why then you must get crystal clear about “who” your target audience is. You can’t please everyone. Don’t try to. And don’t worry about offending people or scaring people off. Instead focus your energy on your target audience. Speak to their hearts and stir their souls.

Once you know why you write and who you’re writing for then you can focus more on the what. What does your audience want to accomplish and how can you help them do that?

Do they want to quit their jobs, start an online business and shave 20 hours off their work week so they can have more time to do ministry? Then help them do that.

Do they want to figure out how to learn a language quickly so they can become full-time traveling missionaries? Then help them do that.

Do they want to learn how to be a better parent to their kids? Then help them do that.

Of course your audience will want lots of things. You should also ask yourself what you know so you can find out where their needs and your expertise intersect.

Again, I’m not the master at this. I’m on this journey right now. I’m still trying to figure out “who” my audience is and I’m trying to get crystal clear on my “why.” But I feel like every day I’m getting closer. So it feels good! Hopefully you are too.