This has been a crazy weekend for us! My wife and I found a home we both love.

It’s 10 minutes east of Battle Ground, WA and sits on one acre  of land (which has been beautifully maintained), has 3 bedrooms and a little 10 x 20 outbuilding I’ll use for my office.

I went there Friday night and met with the sellers. We decided not to use realtors and just did the deal the old fashioned way… we sat at the kitchen table and hashed it out. 🙂

There were a couple times I got up to call Lacie to discuss some of the details of the deal and then also had a couple 3-way calls with my lender Jay (who is amazing by the way!).

I felt like I was on Shark Tank or something with all the “private discussions” to discuss the terms of the deal. It was exciting for me and terrifying for my wife! 🙂

But we eventually arrived at an agreement! Then the four of us met at their (soon to be our) house yesterday morning to officially “sign the deal.” The kids loved the place, they played around in the yard and picked out bedrooms. It was great!

Now we have to get an inspection and appraisal done and then closing is set for 40 days from Monday. So hopefully we’ll be moving in to our new home by May 20, 2017!

I suppose I need to upload some photos to this blog soon!