I got an email last week from someone asking me to mentor them. His story reminded me of where I was in 2010. He wrote:

“I am an Accountant and I work the 9 to 6 gig which sucks the life out of me. I’m also aware that if I don’t take any initiative now, I’d be stuck in this rat race for the rest of my life… I may sound like a lunatic, but would you consider being my mentor?”

Part of me (the rational side) wants to politely say no because I’m so busy right now. But another part of me (the heart side) wants to help this man be free.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re trapped at a job and that if you don’t make a break there’s a chance you may never escape!

One of the pivotal moments for me came when I was at the office at my old job and some of my co-workers were talking about The Recession we were in and how unfortunate so many people were for being unemployed.

At one point they turned to me and said, “Josh, you’re lucky to be here. This is a good company and you’re young. You could stay with [company name] for until you retire and walk away with a nice retirement.”

This comment had the opposite of the intended effect. I felt like my life flashed before my eyes (closest thing to a near death experience I’ve ever had!) and I imagined spending my ONE life at this job. Then retiring and dying. Done.

No!! Inside I was screaming. I had to get out! I don’t know how, but I had to escape!

I quit my job in May 2011 and never looked back. My co-workers were right, it was a good company. And I worked with a lot of great people (especially my manager Laurie who is such an amazing person). But it wasn’t for me.

Freedom is more important than security for me. And so that’s what I pursue.

So back to the email from the guy stuck in the rat race who feels like his life is being sucked out of him… I want to help him. And I want to help you if that’s what you want to. I think that’s what I should write about more.

I should probably create an ebook, a course, and all that sort of good stuff about this because it’s something I’m passionate about. I want others to be able to be free to quit their jobs and work from home without going broke in the process.

So I’m curious, if I were to create some resources like this, what would you want me to cover? Please leave a comment below or email me at jmonen @ gmail dot com.