I’m from a little town called Battle Ground, WA. Estimated population: 19,407.

There are at least 20 churches in this town (I just counted all the listings in Google Maps, so there’s probably more). The church I go to is called Church on the Rock.

I love my church, but if someone is looking for a church here it’d be foolish to think my church is the best choice for them, simply because I “want” them to come.

I’m also a direct response copywriter. According to one source there are about 85,000 freelance writers in the U.S. Let’s say only 10% are copywriters. That’s still 8,500 to choose from.

And I am not going to be the right copywriter for every prospect who inquires about my services. Even if I “want” the business, the reality is I’m not always the best fit.

Lastly, there are around 152 million blogs in the world. 1–2 million posts are published each DAY!

Only a very tiny fragment of readers will find my blog interesting or relevant.

So why do I still spend time trying to “be all things to all people?” Why do I worry about what others will think about what I write? The people who will be offended or who won’t care about what I’m talking about are not my readers. They are not the ones I’m meant to serve.

Sometimes I wonder if I should talk about God on my blog or just stick to talking about work, freelancing, RV traveling, etc. But who cares if people get offended about what I say? There are 152 million other blogs they could read!

And why do I worry that some Christians will label me a “Prosperity Blogger” if I continue to talk about money, wealth and abundance? There are thousands of other Christian bloggers they could follow… so who cares!?

It’s funny when I actually put my thoughts down in writing. But it’s not funny when you think about how much of our lives we censor because we’re trying to please everyone.

There is no possible way to please everyone.

So let’s stop trying to bend over backwards to do that. If someone doesn’t like your church, that’s ok. If they choose to do business with a competitor, don’t take it personally. And if someone unsubscribes from your blog, that’s alright too.

It’s more important we continue to refine our true, authentic voice. That we learn how to live and speak from our hearts. Living a life of political correctness may seem like a good idea but it turns you into a phony hypocrite who stands for nothing.

So think about your life. Are there areas where you’re still trying to be all things to all people? Why not just stop? Like today? See how it goes. If it’s not better you can always go back to your old ways. 🙂