I love Chris Guillebeau’s book The Art of Non-Conformity.

That book, along with 48 Days to the Work You Love were the two books that had a major influence on my decision to quit my job in 2011 to freelance full-time.

In his book, Chris talks about the power of having your own small army. Basically a tribe of people you can lead and help.

“Why will people willingly follow you? Because they’ll believe in your cause, and because your work helps them in some way. In fact, if you give people a good enough reason, many of them will stick with you for life, allowing you to scale up your projects or move to another goal after you achieve the first one.” (Page 127)

This has me thinking about who my small army (aka “my people”) are. Here’s what comes to mind:

  1. Believers (Christians): There’s obviously a lot of different flavors of Christianity. So one way to narrow this down is to say that if you agree with the teachings being taught by leaders like Bill Johnson from Bethel Church, Lance Wallnau, or Shawn Bolz from Expression 58, then we’re likely on the same page.
  2. Entrepreneurs: People who are (or aspire to be) small business owners, self-employed or freelancers. These are high-achievers who are committed to personal growth and have an “expansion” mindset.

So maybe it’s that simple.

Perhaps “my people” are Entrepreneurs who want to change the world by seeing the Kingdom of God manifest in their businesses and in the influence they have.

But how would I help these people? And why would they care about what I’m doing?

I haven’t built a million dollar business (yet) so I wouldn’t be teaching people how to do that obviously.

But I did quit my job 6 years ago and have had quite an adventure so far as a self-employed freelance copywriter. And I was a drug addict and I’ve been clean for over 10 years. And I am a husband and dad. And a copywriter and marketer.

But I don’t see this blog being the place where I would share marketing tips… I feel like that belongs on my copywriting blog: joshuamonen.com.

I feel like this “small army” is about changing the world. Changing the course of nations. Seeing cities transformed. That sort of stuff. 🙂

Speaking of cities… Several years ago I started a hyperlocal media site (The Battle Ground Buzz) for my city, Battle Ground, WA. I got to sit down with the Mayor, City Council, Superintendent of the School District, local business owners, and other local leaders during this time.

I felt like what I was doing with the Buzz was making an impact in my city. And one of the reasons I did it was because I was fed up with the “state of the media” and felt compelled to do something about it.

So I guess I’m looking for people who are like me.

People who feel compelled to change the world.

People who refuse to live mediocre lives.

People who are not afraid of what others will say about them (or at least won’t let that stop them).

People who will dare to go after the impossible.

People who are not content to just argue and complain about why everything is “messed up”.

I’m not looking for critics… I’m looking for warriors.

For those who are on the field and taking the hits. People who are acting. People who want to leave a legacy.

And I want to inspire these people to act.

I want to speak to their hearts and their spirits. And I want to provide practical advice. Help them cultivate a mindset that will result in more freedom in their lives.

These people are “high-achievers.” They’re type-a. Driven. They care deeply. They think and reflect on things. They value things like honor, courage, freedom, boldness and truth.

And what’s the “reason why” people would join my cause?

To have more freedom?

To make a bigger impact?

To live a full life?

I think “freedom” is a huge part in this. But so is “impact.”

Obviously I’m still sorting this all out. But instead of just journaling about this privately I thought there may be value to sharing this publicly. Maybe you’re trying to figure out who “your small army” is too. Who is your tribe? Your “people?”

It’s worth figuring out, don’t you agree?