This morning as I was praying and reading the Bible I felt inspired to write about some insights I got from Nehemiah chapter 2.

So I opened up Evernote and wrote what ended up being a 1,000-word article about the strategy Nehemiah used to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. I felt like there were specific lessons from that story for our church.

After I wrote that piece I felt inspired to email it to just four people: my wife, her mom and two friends from church.

Shortly after I sent the email I got a text from one of my friends who said:

“Josh! I just read your letter – I’m just laughing at how cool the Lord is. I literally have my Bible open on my desk to Nehemiah 2.”

I love when things like this happen. It makes life so much more interesting.

But I also thought about how important it is to pay attention to those little promptings we get and those things that inspire us to act.

I could have easily ignored this today and got right into my work. But I just felt inspired to take the time to write this letter. And I’m glad I did.

I’m not always good at doing this. Most the time I’m so focused on staying “on task” and being efficient that I miss out on little experiences like this.

But I feel like I’m being led down a different path now. A path where I’m learning to trust God a little more and take the extra time to do those things I feel inspired to do in the moment.

I encourage you to experiment with this too. Next time you feel inspired to email, call or text someone, just do it. Share the things that God puts on your heart. You never know where it may lead!