I was driving home from CrossFit this morning thinking about what I wanted to do today.

I have a lot of work I could do. But I feel like I need a break. It’s Saturday and I’ve worked almost every Saturday for the last few months.

I keep telling myself I’m just in a “season” where I need to hustle more to grow my new business, Advisors Grow. And that there will be a time where I’ll take more time off in the future.

But then I remembered that rest and play are critical ingredients to success, not just byproducts of it.

In other words, sometimes you need to take time off so that you can be successful. Even when you’re in a season of building something new.

It’s not easy though.

I know how hard it is to pry yourself away from work to intentionally relax.

There’s all those projects that need to be done and if you work today you’ll get a jumpstart on next week, at least that’s the idea.

But will you really?

Is it really going to make that much difference if you knock out 1–2 more projects today?

Do you really need to get your inbox to zero?

Do you really need to write that “important” email?

Or would that time be better spent enjoying the day with your family and helping your spouse do some things around the house?

Personally, I know the right answer for me, at least today, is the latter. Just take the day off.

So that’s what I’m going to do. End of story.

If I let myself think about all the work I need to do for too long I’ll talk myself right out of this.

I’ll tell myself I’m just going to sneak a little bit of work in for an hour or two… which we all know how that goes… 5–6 hours fly by and the day is gone.

So I just need to make the decision and move on. Maybe you do too?

There’s nothing wrong with hustling and working hard. I’m sure I’ll work plenty more Saturdays in the future.

But today, right now, is my day to relax! Wow, two days off in a row… this is going to be like a vacation. 🙂