My Work RV

For a while I had a nice big office in Ridgefield, WA.

I loved it because it was right around the corner from our house and took me just two minutes to walk there.

I was so excited when I first moved into that office. My wife and I painted the walls blue, installed a huge whiteboard and got super-high speed internet!

I had a big wooden desk I could sit at and a wooden stand up desk behind it. We bought a bunch of bookshelves which I filled up fast and four comfy chairs to sit on (I always felt awkward having those chairs in there because I rarely ever had visitors).

It was $500/month and the landlord was a super nice guy named Terry.

But it did feel like overkill because all I need to do my work is my laptop and a quiet place. And 95% of my clients are not local so clients never came to the office.

But it did feel good to walk around in a big wide open space and think! So I liked it.

One day my friend Kevin came over after he moved up from California. We were at my house hanging out when I asked if he wanted to see my office. We walked over and I gave him the tour and on our way back we passed our motorhome which was parked behind the house.

After I showed him around the motorhome he asked, “Why don’t you just work out of that?”

“Good question,” I said as I looked at the motorhome. “That’s actually a great idea!”

So that’s how I started working out of my motorhome. I gave up my office and started working out of the motorhome shortly after that.

And I love it!

It’s my own quiet little work world that I love. It’s where I’m writing this from right now. I’m sitting at the kitchen table on my laptop listening to the rain pour down on the roof.

One of the good things about working from the motorhome is that when we want to go on a trip I know I have everything I need to work (I’ll also write about what I do for internet on the road because that was kind of tricky to figure out). I took advantage of this last year when we took a 2-month trip down to San Diego.

Maybe in the future I’ll find some photos of all the different workstations I’ve experimented with in here (there’s been at least 4–5 different setups).

But today I just wanted to share the reason why I started working out of it in the first place. It was just a simple comment from a friend that made a lot of sense to me (and saved me $6,000 a year in overhead!).

So Kevin, if you ever read this, thanks for the idea! 🙂