This morning I logged into my business bank account and discovered someone had gotten ahold of my debit card and stolen money out of my account.

I could feel my jaw tighten and my body tense up as I thought about what the thieves had done.

I called the bank and reported the activity. They didn’t seem alarmed at all. Just business as usual. They cancelled the card and told me to go to the branch to get another card made and fill out a dispute form.

But when I got to the branch they told me I had to call the merchants. In other words, they couldn’t just put the money back into the account.

I was very frustrated. And I asked the lady helping me at the bank if they were going to report this to the authorities and what happens to people when they do this. She said, “Honestly, I don’t think they pursue them at all.”

That made me even more mad. When I got in the car I started dreaming about starting a company that hired hackers to hack the bad guys and steal money back from them! Retribution!

But as the night went on I realized I’m not going to start any sort of company. And that the best thing for me to do would be to forgive them and move on.

Because as long as I harbor anger and resentment toward Mystery Thief  (or my bank) then they continue to take up space in my life. Space that my wife, kids, clients and friends deserve.

So sorry, thief, you get no more space. I forgive you and I’m moving on with my life.