The last few days have been a whirlwind for me. I’m looking forward to my day of rest tomorrow so I can recalibrate and breathe.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I’m working hard on launching a new productized service for financial advisors called Advisors Grow. It’s a complete digital marketing system that will help advisors grow their businesses and save them time. We’re going to offer a custom website that features over 15 DFY sales and marketing campaigns.

I’ll spare you the “sales pitch” but let’s just say I’m super excited about it because I feel it solves some very important problems advisors have and I believe we’re going to do really well with this!

On Wednesday I met with my web team and I reviewed the wireframes they made. After we agreed on the layout for what our websites will look like, they let me know they’re ready to build the first one. I told them I’d let them know who our first “prototype” client will be as soon as I know.

I have several advisors who I do consulting and copywriting work for that I could have invited to be our first client; but there was one in particular who I had in mind who we’ll call Martin.

I thought Martin would be a great prototype client for a couple reasons.

First, he’s a good client. I’ve worked with him on several projects and we get along well. Plus, he has a great story and was selected as one of the Top 5 financial advisors in the nation by Retirement Advisor.

And he has a lot of influence in the industry. Because of his success a lot of advisors look to him for advice and tips on how to grow their firms.

So I reached out to his marketing coordinator and made the offer. I simply recorded a 5-min screencast video showing them what we’re building and asked if they wanted to be our first client.

I got a call the next day (yesterday) from Martin who was interested. After some negotiations we reached an agreement. We also discussed the idea of having him be one of our industry promoters as long as he’s getting good results from our product.

This is all pretty exciting stuff but it’s also required me putting in some extra hours lately. Because in addition to Advisors Grow (AG) I still have other client projects to attend to since AG isn’t generating any cash flow yet (we plan to launch within the next 1–2 months).

So yesterday me and a partner delivered a pitch to a startup software company down in Silicon Valley. It was a Lead Gen and PR strategy that we’re offering for $15,000 for implementation and then $8,000/month.

The pitch went well and he’s interested but he asked for “the next level of details” meaning a timeline on the initial projects and some more specifics about our process, how we’ll track results, etc.

So that’s what I worked on all day today! My wife and business partner, Lacie helped design some beautiful keynote slides and we’re just about done with that.

The plan is to have the next Skype call with him early next week and hopefully close the deal.

I also have a couple quote requests out there for copywriting projects that I need to get out the door on Monday.

So it’s been a little crazy to say the least! But I feel like things are going well.

Time to unplug now for 24 hours and get some rest! 🙂