Do you ever stop and think about how much of your life revolves around things you “have to” do vs things you “want to” do?

There’s a lot of pressure to “have to” do things. And we think if we just do those things then eventually we’ll be able to do the things we “want to” do.

That’s fine and there’s some truth to that. The only problem is when you train yourself to only focus on the have tos you start to forget what your true desires are.

We place discipline and hard work above dreams, adventure and love. We think we’re “doing the right thing” every time we do the hard thing. But what if the right thing is also the thing you want to do?

Sometimes the hardest thing is to be honest about what you want. Knowing your true desires and being ok with them is a big step in living a life full of joy and authenticity.

So today take some time to be still and ask yourself what you really want in life. Then go after those things. You may be surprised at how fast those things come true once you focus on them!