Today I had two sales calls. The first was with a guy named Mike from the U.K.

He owns a cybersecurity company. And he found me by googling ‘direct response copywriter,’ which I rank on Page One for.

We had a great Skype call and I estimate I have about an 80% chance of closing the deal (he wants a webinar sales funnel created).

Then I returned a call from a woman named Renee who is a financial advisor. She also wants to start doing webinars and needs help driving traffic to them.

We’ll talk more tomorrow so I can better assess her needs and give her a quote.

I love days like this where I have multiple calls with people who are interested in possibly working with me, they’re called “sales calls.”

I know some people shy away from the word “sales” because they think it’s icky or they say things like, “I’m just not a salesperson.”

But I actually love sales. I understand you can do it with integrity and that when done right it’s actually a fun process to go through with people.

So this got me thinking… as I continue to work on building an actual business, versus just doing freelance work, I wonder if I should fire myself as a copywriter so I can afford to spend more time selling.

Which skill is is harder to outsource? Which one do I enjoy more? And which one pays more?

I don’t know. But I think those are good questions to ponder. And if you have a business then I encourage you to ask yourself those same questions.