Don’t get me wrong, I love Google.

I love that I can get an answer to just about any question I have in a matter of seconds.

Just this week I used Google to find out things like: how much snow does Mt. Hood Meadows have? What time does Sushi Bento in Battle Ground close? Where can I buy a 200’ ethernet cord?

But no matter how advanced Google gets it will never know me. It may know my search behavior, shopping habits and my schedule but it doesn’t know me as a person.

Google has no idea what my childhood was like. It doesn’t know what my dreams and goals are. And it’s clueless about my purpose and calling in life.

Of course we know that, right?

But do you still sometimes secretly consult Google regarding “what you should do?”

Come on, I won’t tell anybody… and I’ll be honest, I do it too.

But it almost never helps. For example, I’m trying to figure out if I should maintain two blogs right now: this one and then, where I focus solely on freelance writing tips.

I like the idea of having a “niche” blog. But I hate the idea of having to maintain two blogs. It seems like a ton of work.

So I don’t know what to do. I can turn to Google and hear a lot of good arguments for both sides.

But ultimately Google really doesn’t know me. It’s an amazing tool and I use it a lot but I have to remember that it’s just a search engine. It can help me access information but it cannot never impart wisdom to me.