I just watched one of the best football games of my life!

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots just pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history!

They went down 28 to 3. They screwed up the first half and it looked like there was no hope for them.

But then they scored. And scored again and again until they made 31 unanswered points, winning the game in overtime!

With his fifth win, Tom Brady now holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback. And his coach, Bill Belichick also broke the record tonight for most wins by a coach.

You can say what you want about the Patriots. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but the fact is they are the most successful team in NFL history.

No other coach/quarterback duo has won this many Super Bowls in history.

I hate to admit it because I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan, but the truth is Tom Brady is the best quarterback and Belichick is the best coach ever.

And some people hate that.

The more the Patriots win the more the haters hate them.

Why is that?

Why are successful teams loved or hated so much?

I think it has to do with the nature of success and how people respond to it.

Some people look at success and it inspires them to reach for new heights. They hear a “rags to riches” story and think, “If this guy did it then I can too!”

But the person who despises success will hear the same story and think, “That guy is so cocky. I bet he lied and cheated to get to where he is today!”

Some people just flat out hate success. They can’t stand when others win big or pull off amazing feats. They get angry because it challenges their own pessimistic and negative worldview.

You see this attitude at work in the political realm when groups try to spread the idea that in order for other nations to succeed America must suffer.

They hate the fact America is the most successful nation in the world because according to their worldview there is no such thing as “greatness.”

They think greatness is a myth and they come up with crazy conspiracy theories that reinforce their belief that in order for a nation to prosper it must do so at the expense of others.

It’s this same attitude that causes some Christians to talk badly about “those big mega-churches.”

They can’t stand people like Joel Olsteen who preaches to a stadium full of people every week. They assume he must be preaching a “watered down” version of the Gospel and that their church is more spiritual because it’s small.

We each get to decide how we respond to success. You can look at what the Patriots did tonight and think, “That’s awesome. They just raised the bar in the game of football.”

Or you can hate them for being so good and try to come up with reasons to explain away their greatness.

You can look at the prosperity we have here in America and think, “I’m blessed to live here so I can be a blessing to the nations. How can I make the most out of this opportunity I’ve been given simply because of where I was born?”

If you’re in ministry you can look at churches who are experiencing revival and amazing success and get excited about what God has in store for your own church!

It’s up to you how you respond to success. You can let it inspire you or embitter you.