This morning I got an email from a client who we’re building a website for.

The design and development are done. So he just needed to review everything and sign off on it so we could launch.

But instead of getting a “The site looks great!” email I got an email from him letting me know he was upset. 🙁

He found several typos and grammatical errors and wanted them fixed.

The problem is he is the one who gave us the content to use!

And “proofreading” was not part of our agreement (our contract specifically excludes this).

So I was a little frustrated. I finally bit the bullet and told him I’d hire a proofreader to review his 50+ pages. I explained it was outside the scope but since I obviously didn’t do a good job communicating this to him then I would take care of it.

I vented to my wife about this during one of my coffee breaks and then went back into the RV where my mobile office is setup and started searching for proofreaders on Fiverr. Then my wife texted me suggesting I hire her 18-year-old sister, Cailee, to proof the site.

So I did!

Cailee was happy to have the work, especially this type of work because one of her dreams is to be an editor. And this was the first time she got paid to proofread or edit.

I talked to Cailee tonight and asked how the project was going. “Great! I love doing this type of work,” she said.

So now I’m not even upset about my client’s unreasonable request because I’m more excited that I was able to hire Cailee.

It felt good to be able to pay someone to do work they actually want to do. And she was able to do it from home too. There was freezing rain out today so she didn’t have to risk driving in the nasty weather to go work somewhere. She just opened up her laptop and got to work.

Experiences like these make me want to build a bigger company so I can hire more people to do work they love! Especially work they can do from home. So this is just one more reason why I want to continue to focus on building a business instead of working as a freelancer.