“The skills that got you out of Egypt aren’t the same skills that will get you to the promised land.”
– Dan Sullivan

The children of Israel left Egypt and then spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land.

The crazy part about that story is the journey from Egypt to Canaan (aka the Promised Land), was only an 11-day journey! (Talk about wasting time!).

And the sad thing is, they didn’t have to.

The Bible says they failed to enter in because of unbelief (see Hebrews 3:19).

Remember the story of Joshua and the spies who came back with fruit from the Promised Land?

Joshua and Caleb were like, “Yes, those cities are occupied and there will be battles to fight, but we can totally take them! Let’s go!”

But they were in the minority. The other 10 spies shared horror stories about how bad it was.

They persuaded the people they would die if they tried to take the Promised Land. So instead of taking that risk, they stayed where they were and ended up dying of old age outside the Promised Land.

When that generation died off, including their leader Moses, then Joshua was able to lead the next generation into the Promised Land.

Isn’t it crazy that instead of moving forward and figuring out how to take the Promised Land they instead did nothing, and died anyway… just years later?

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” – William Wallace

And guess what? There is going to come a day you will die (sorry to tell you that!).

So the question isn’t, “How do I not die?”

The question is, “How do I really live before I die?”

You may be thinking, “What does any of this have to do with an “entrepreneur’s journey”?

I’ll tell you…

As entrepreneurs we’re on a journey.

We leave Egypt (the job we had under our former taskmasters) and our goal is to reach the Promised Land (financial freedom, usually achieved by owning a business that operates without our presence).

The problem, as I’ve experienced first-hand, is that we get stuck in the land of self-employment.

We’re not in Egypt and we don’t answer to our former taskmasters anymore. But now we have new taskmasters (ourselves, clients, vendors, etc.).

Some people don’t have what it takes and they think, “Man, life was better back in Egypt. At least I had a consistent paycheck and lower blood pressure. Maybe I’ll turn around.”

But when they do, something inside of them dies. They trade freedom for a sense of security. And that fire that was burning inside of them starts to dwindle.

But the “Joshuas and Calebs” of the world press on.

They spy out the Promised Land. They dream of what life will be like once they’re living there. They know it won’t be easy and they’ll have to fight, but they know the reward is worth it.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’re barely hanging on financially right now.

Maybe there’s no extra money in your accounts. You’re drawing from savings because things have been tight. You feel bad about it and wonder if you should just turn around and rerurn to Egypt.

Here’s what I have to say to you: decide what’s more important to you. Do you want freedom of time, money and resources? Or do you want a sense of security?

And remember this: one day your time on Earth will end. Make sure to live your life in such a way so that when that day comes you will have no regrets.