I’m a growth guy. I have an expansion mindset.

Games like Risk and Chess are fun to me because there’s opportunity to use strategy and tactics to control the board and win.

The prospect of taking new territories, in games and in life, is exciting!

But if that desire for “more” gets in the way of stewarding what we already have then it becomes dangerous.

Some are more naturally inclined to “maintain” what they have and are not as good at expanding.

Others thrive on growth and are bad at managing and optimizing what they already have. In business we need both.

I want new clients. I’ll spend a significant amount of time and energy on sales and marketing. But am I forgetting to cultivate relationships with my existing ones?

I want to expand my products and services. But are the ones I’m currently selling as good as they could be?

Study after study shows it cost less to upsell and cross-sell existing clients then to acquire new clients… so why do we spend so little time doing this?

It’s because it feels more exciting to get a new client!

It’s not logical and that’s ok. The question is, how can we get excited about being faithful with what we have?