Making money gets a bad rap.

There’s a worldview that basically says your soul is better off if you remain poor. That somehow not having enough money is spiritual or humble.

But that’s a bunch of crap. Being poor is not all it’s cracked up to be. When your family gets evicted from a home because there’s not enough money to pay rent, is that “spiritual?”

Is it spiritual not to be able to buy food and clothes for your kids?

I don’t think it’s spiritual at all. And I think it’s a shame that more spiritual leaders refuse to address the issue of poverty and money.

Study after study reveals that “financial stress” is one of the top sources of stress for Americans. It hurts relationships, it causes health problems and it robs people of joy.

So wouldn’t it make sense if we confronted and talked about this issue more?

What if we had open and honest discussions about money in our churches, schools and families?

What if we equipped the youth with financial tools like how to budget, save and make money?

Wouldn’t that help?

Just an idea.