I have a lot of people, especially bloggers, I look up to and learn from.

We all have our heroes. People that inspire and challenge us. And that’s good.

But at some point we have to step out on our own and create something that originates in our hearts. Now I understand the argument that the “best artists steal” and that there’s nothing new under the sun.

That may all be true. But there’s something even more true, and that’s the fact that you carry something inside of you that only you can release into the world.

The world doesn’t need another Seth Godin, Derek Sivers or Leo Babauta. I’m a big fan of each one of those guys. But if I try to be them then I will sound awkward and unnatural.

And it’s ok to imitate for a season. But make sure that season eventually gives way to finding your own voice. Otherwise you’ll end up forming a false sense of identity and never be comfortable in your own skin.

Just watch an interview with one of those guys mentioned above and notice how they aren’t trying to be anyone else other than themselves. I especially like to watch Godin. He’s just himself and doesn’t seem to try and be anything else. And it’s great.

So if you’re weird or quirky or different don’t hide it, celebrate it! Trying to be cool is such a pointless pursuit. Plus, “cool” is different to different people because we all have different values.

So if you can’t please or impress everyone then why not focus that energy on being the best version of yourself that you can be? The world is waiting for you to do that.