I read a lot. Most of it nonfiction books about business, marketing, psychology, and self-improvement.

There are tons of useful ideas you can implement in your life and see the positive results. I love that stuff.

Many of these authors have dug deep into psychology and figuring out how the mind operates. There are so many good “mind hacks” that have come out of this field.

Even people who wouldn’t consider themselves to be “spiritual” see the value in things like meditation, journaling and mindfulness once they see how it can help improve the quality of their life.

Nothing wrong with this. However, as someone who has been born again, I sense there is a big piece of the puzzle missing in all of this.

Most of these authors fail to acknowledge the reality, and the role, of the human spirit.

If the author has not been born again, and is not a new creation in Christ, then it makes perfect sense why they would not talk about this.

So I’m not coming against them by any means.

But for those of us who have been born again I believe it’s imperative that we not only acknowledge the reality of our spirits but also dig deep into the subject, just like so many have done in the world of psychology.

Otherwise, we run the risk of being ruled by our minds instead of our spirits.

“The mind makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master.” – Bill Johnson

So what shall be our master?

If we were in Sunday school the answer would inevitably be “Jesus” (which is also the answer to about 99% of Sunday School questions in case you’re taking notes).

And yes, of course God/Jesus is our Master. But that idea is too vague.

We can say God is my master but still operate our lives like someone who doesn’t know God.

I believe a big missing link is failing to acknowledge the reality and role of our spirits.

Remember, when you were born again your spirit, which was dead, was made alive. And the Bible makes it crystal clear that our connection point with God (who is a Spirit) is our spirit. Not our minds.

This is why your spirit deserves preeminence in your life.

Its role is superior to that of your mind. Therefore, it belongs in that #1 place in your life. When this happens you begin to govern your life much differently.

Think of it as a pyramid. You have your spirit at the very top. This is who YOU really are. It’s the Eternal Part of you. And most importantly, it’s the part of you that connects with God.

Below your spirit you have your mind.

“Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” – Ephesians 4:23

The “spirit of your mind” is that place where your spirit connects with your mind. Think of a bridge that allows passage back and forth.

And then below your mind is your body. Your mind tells your body what to do (or at least it should).

When this is in order, you have proper alignment and you can live a healthy, happy and spiritual life.

When this gets out of order we have to get aligned and go see our spiritual chiropractor aka Holy Spirit.

Isn’t it weird how when your back is out of alignment it affects other parts of your body and health? You can get headaches, be sick and feel pain in different areas all because some part of your spine is misaligned.

The same thing happens when our spirit-mind-body get misaligned. It causes problems with our emotions, relationships, motivation, thinking, health, etc.

This is one of my favorite topics in the world. I’ve been fascinated with it ever since the day I went from having a $500/day cocaine addiction to being born again and never having a craving again. I knew something “happened” inside me. I just didn’t know what.

But over the years as I’ve studied theology, psychology and pneumatology (the study of the spirit), I’ve been getting a clearer idea of how this works.

But I still feel like the glass is fuzzy and I’m only seeing “dimly” still. But that’s why I’m excited to continue down this path and really seek out truth in this area. When I think about things I would want to learn for the next 10 years this is definitely one of them!

So you can expect me to write about this more as I notice or learn new things in this area. And if you have any insights, questions or comments about this let me know by leaving a comment below.