What would your life be like if you were no longer afraid to fail?

What would do? Where would you go? Who would you be?

This came up today as I was talking to one of my partners on the phone. She told me about how she was raised by a father who made her feel like what she did was never good enough.

And since she was already a perfectionist this compounded her fear of failure and of not measuring up. This led her to develop some serious self-destructive habits.

This got me thinking about the fear of failure and how to get free from it. And more importantly, how do I raise my kids so they’re not bound by perfectionism and the fear of failure?

When I asked my partner about this she suggested a great idea. She said:

“Write down one thing you failed at each day. And then celebrate it.”

I thought that was brilliant! What if instead of cowering in fear at the thought of failure we embraced it?

Now, I don’t know anyone who “likes” to fail. We all prefer success. To score the winning shot. To succeed in business and life.

But many of us only choose to play the games in life we feel we can win. And we miss out on so many experiences and opportunities because of the fear of failure.

So my challenge to you today is to do something you will probably fail at. Knowing you’ll likely fail can remove the pressure. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Once we realize failure won’t kill us I believe we’ll be even more empowered to face the uncertainties of life.