One of my mentors once told me there are only four ways you can change your life.

You can either:

1. Start something.
2. Quit something.
3. Do more of something.
4. Do less of something.

If you think about it, that pretty much sums it up.

Let’s say you want to get in better shape. You can:

1. Start working out.
2. Quit sugar.
3. Eat more greens.
4. Watch less TV.

If you want to make more money freelancing you can:

1. Start prospecting.
2. Quit wasting time on social media.
3. Nurture your clients more.
4. Spend less time checking email.

Or maybe you want more peace in your life. If so you can:

1. Start meditating.
2. Quit reading the news.
3. Pray more.
4. Worry less.

I think you get the point. Think of an area of your life you want to change and then ask yourself those four simple questions:

1. What can I start?
2. What can I quit?
3. What can I do more of?
4. What can I do less of?

There’s no need to complicate this part. The “doing” part of this is hard enough.