I met a successful vlogger (aka video blogger), named Andrew Kearns two days ago at Thanksgiving dinner.

I learned Andrew has over 37,000 YouTube subscribers and about 400,000 Instagram followers.

He told me he makes good money from the ads he runs before his videos. Plus, his daily vlog has opened up many opportunities for his freelance photography business.

I peppered Andrew with questions because I’m fascinated by this type of work. I asked if he chose a niche audience for his videos and he said, “No, I just record my life and I don’t worry about who is going to watch it.”

I asked questions about his video editing process, if he uses SnapChat or Facebook Live (yes to SnapChat, no to Facebook) and many other technical questions.

But then my father-in-law, who has no idea how most of this stuff works, asked the best question.

“What do you attribute your success to?”

Duh, I should have asked that,’ I thought.

Without skipping a beat Andrew immediately said, “Consistency.”

He explained how it’s a ton of work and that he knows he can’t rest on his past accomplishments. He told us about his friends who made a bunch of money last year doing stuff like this but then got lazy, stopped producing content and now they’re running out of money and jobs.

I was reminded how important consistency truly is with anything in life. Whether it’s with work, relationships, exercise, sports, money… anything that you want to succeed at requires consistency.

But if you’re a typical entrepreneur you probably love “starting” things but struggle with staying consistent. I understand. I’m the same way. I’ll start a new project, like a hyperlocal media website or a new online course, only to abandon it after the newness wears off.

And it’s not always bad to quit. Sometimes the thing you’re working on was just not a good idea and you really should take it behind the woodshed and shoot it.

But I fear I’ve shot things that should still be alive!

I sometimes wonder… what would have happened if I continued to post at least one new article a week on the hyperlocal website I started?

What would have happened if I did one thing each week to promote that new course I launched instead of moving on to the next thing?

What would have happened if I started publishing a blog post daily 10 years ago?

And what about you?

Do you suspect that inconsistency has sabotaged some of your projects and goals?

If it has then what are you going to do about it?

What will you do to be more consistent?

For me it’s publishing daily for 10 years straight. It’s a big scary goal I know. But that’s why I believe it’ll work.

Every time I talk about it I hear a little whisper in my ear that says, “You can’t do that. You know you’ll fail. It’s such a stupid goal anyway…”

And that motivates me even more!

What about you?

Is there something you want to commit to but when you think about it you hear a voice say you can’t do it?

Maybe that’s the thing to commit to then. Just an idea.

If you have something you want to commit to then feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what it is.