Recently I found myself wondering, “Should I talk about God on my blog?”

I was torn. Do I leave my spiritual life out of this blog or include it?

Part of me feels like this is not the place to talk about God, faith and the inner life.
But another part of me (I think it’s the real me) screams, “This is absolutely the place to discuss these matters!!”

(Yikes, settle down Real Me. You don’t need to yell.)

I guess the reason I’m torn is because I don’t want to alienate people and turn them off by sounding preachy or like a self-righteous, egotistical jerk. But I guess I can avoid that by not being a preachy-self-righteous-egotistical-jerk.

Well, that problem was easy to solve.

So if that’s what I don’t want to do then what is it I want?

Well, I started this blog because I want to develop a fresh piece of online real estate into my “home base.” A place where I’m free to share what’s on my heart and to really help others in meaningful and practical ways.

So now the more I think about what I really want the more I realize I want to talk about God on here.

Because if I decide God is “off limits” then three things happen:

  1. I lose some freedom on this blog due to my self-imposed censor.
  2. I’m not able to be the type of writer I want to be, which is an honest one.
  3. I’m not able to help people to the degree I want to.

If I honestly rely on God to help me in life and I fail to mention that then I’m not telling the whole truth. Instead I make it look like the successes and breakthroughs I get are all due to my own efforts.

And that feels phony.

If I talk about how I was struggling to hit my sales goals and I only talk about the practical things I did (i.e. prospecting tactics and strategies) but fail to mention that I also started praying over my prospecting efforts and before my sales calls, then I have not been entirely honest.

It’s not my job to convert anyone into my way of thinking or to my beliefs.

But I do feel responsible to tell the truth and not neglect certain facts because I’m afraid of what others will think or that I may offend them.

If I say, I went from X sales a month to Y sales a month, and here’s what I did:

  1. Planned and executed a warm email prospecting campaign.
  2. Spent 30 minutes a day nurturing clients and prospects.
  3. Prayed before sending emails and before each sales call.

…then it’s up to the reader to form their own conclusions regarding the results.

If they’re an atheist then they will probably conclude it was 100% because of #1 and #2. If they’re super religious then they may assume it’s all because of #3. Or if they’re like me they may think it’s a combination of all three.

But again, it’s not my job as a writer to preach or to convert.

I believe a writer’s job is simply to use words to “show” something that already exists. Good writing is like the glass case you look through to see the beautiful diamonds on display. Neither the writing, or the case, should draw attention to itself.

I learned this from working as a copywriter. If someone reads one of my sales letters and says, “Josh, that letter was amazing. I love how you said this part and I thought you worded this part so well!” then I failed to do my job.

But if after reading it they go online and buy the product I wrote about then I did my job.

It really is that simple.

As a writer I just need to do a good job showcasing reality. I don’t need to censor it out of fear. So yes, my decision is made. God is not off limits here. 🙂