Yesterday I was searching online for other bloggers who publish daily.
And I stumbled upon a guest post on Jon Morrow’s blog about why you shouldn’t publish daily

I clicked on it because I have a lot of respect for Jon and was a student of his years ago.

The post made a lot of good points. And it had 229 comments. And the more I read the more I felt bad. 

I had just decided to publish a blog post every day for the next 10 years and now I was second-guessing my decision.

Was it stupid?

Is it true that I’m going to produce crappy posts by publishing daily?

Oh yes, and what about the promotion side of things? As a marketer I know I should spend more time promoting, than creating, content.

What had I done!

So desperate for hope I hit “ctrl + f” and typed in ‘disagree’ to see who in the comments disagreed! 

Thankfully, I found five people who presented valid counter arguments.

After this I decided to read another post by a guy named Jonas Ellison who talked about how publishing daily for a year changed his life.

Ah, my sweet hope was back! This was a good idea!

You may think I’m a bit insecure to be so easily influenced by these “experts,” and you’re probably right.

I was thinking about this today in the shower and the thought hit me:

‘Be careful about how much influence you give experts over your decisions. Remember, they don’t know you.’

And it’s so true. 

Some expert who I don’t know has no idea what’s best for me. He or she can give great advice but it may not be right for me or for you. Life is complex and there are times and seasons for certain things.

So be careful about how much authority you allow experts to have over your life.