Last week I made a bold commitment to publish a blog post every day for the next 10 years.

I suspect most people don’t believe I’ll do it. But knowing that actually helps motivate me.

Not sure why, maybe it’s the rebellious part of me coming out.

Whatever the reason is I’m confident I’ll be faithful in this 10-year commitment. However, if I were to have said I would “write every day for the next 10 years” I would not have been as confident.

That’s because I’ve tried and failed to write daily many times before.

Here’s how the story usually goes…

I would read or hear someone I respect talk about how important it is to write daily. I would believe them, get inspired and then 2–3 weeks later I miss a day and then I’d be like. Oh, whatever. Why am I doing this anyway? Then I quit.

This happened to me after I read On Writing by Stephen King. Then again when I heard Chris Guillebeau talk about it on his blog. And also when I heard Leo Babauta talk about why you should write daily.

It seems like such a good idea. Write every day. Form the habit. I’m all in! Until I’m not. 🙁

So why is publishing daily any different?

Why It’s Easier for Me to Publish Daily than Write Daily

Here are three reasons why I can commit to publishing daily vs writing daily:

1. Accountability:When I know I have to publish something new on my blog every day it adds in a sense of accountability. Right now this blog is less than 2 months old so I know I don’t have many readers. But it’s not the point. Even if there’s just one person reading this it helps me be accountable to publish. But if I’m just writing daily it’s easy for me to hide. This is also why I’ve been able to do CrossFit consistently but when I workout at home I fail. Something about knowing people are expecting you to show up helps you actually show up.

2. Satisfaction:I don’t know about you but I love to see the work of my hand. I worked at several different construction jobs in my early 20s after I realized selling drugs was not a sustainable career. Everything from framing houses to concrete work. And my favorite part of construction was looking at what we had accomplished that day. It was a great feeling of satisfaction to arrive early in the morning and see no walls built and to leave at 4pm and see all the exterior walls framed up. It just felt good. I get the same feeling when I look at my blog archives. I can see the fruit of my labor and it feels good.

3. Perfectionism Proof: I’m an all or nothing type person. One of the bad sides is that it’s closely connected to perfectionism. I realize this when I “miss a day.” For example, when I tried writing daily I would do great up until I missed ONE day.

Usually that was enough for me to just quit altogether. I have this habit tracking app on my phone and it scores me on my habits. I love seeing “100%.” But when it drops just one or two points I feel like I lost. But since my goal is to publish daily I can have an emergency fund of blog posts ready to go in case I don’t have time to write that day. As long as I keep that stocked up I’m good to go.

So that’s why I’ve decided to publish daily instead of write daily. It works for me. At least so far. I believe it’s much more sustainable and I’m happy about this habit. I wasn’t always happy about the writing daily habit.